• image-Angela T.
    Angela T.

    Jiquilpan, Michoacan De Ocampo, Mexico, 189 friends, 15 reviews, 200 photos

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    I was stuck last night in traffic. Was heading from L.A to Bakers Bodega. I noticed they were going to close by the estimated time I was going to get there. I wanted to get their IG specials. I called them up Ann’s they patiently waited for me to get there. They didn’t rush me out when I got there at all. I grab what I went for and they were so nice. Not rushing me at all. I know they also want to go home because I also want to go home when it’s time to clock out. I just want to say thank you, so much!!!! Yes, Pico Rivera is closer to me but, your store had a sale going and it’s so easy to find things.

  • image-Martinez Marya
    Martinez Marya

    Jiquilpan, Michoacan De Ocampo, Mexico, 189 friends, 15 reviews, 200 photos

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    Es una bodega ecselente por k todo en cuenta uno lo k vayas avuscar lo en cuentras y aparte muy vuen servicio grasias

  • image-Linda L.
    Linda L.

    Alhambra, CA, 14 friends, 15 reviews, 0 photos

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    Okay ,so yesterday I gave this place a negative review because of the situation that had happened with my friend. Fortunately they were able to correct the mistake ,aparently the person forgot that she was coming and they had did an employee of the month luncheon (which is great for the employee). This is a nice place to go to for cake supplies or any baking needs.

  • image-Tim E.
    Tim E.

    Brea, CA, 625 friends, 1122 reviews, 2424 photos

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    Next time your in the baking mood and you realize you don’t have any baking supplies, BakersBodega Express is the place to be. This place has everything for your baking needs. They have sifters for your flour and everything you need to bake from scratch. They even have pre made cakes so you can make it look like you slaved over baking a cake for your party.

  • image-The “Foodie Monster” 1.
    The “Foodie Monster” 1.

    Claremont, CA, 65 friends, 403 reviews, 267 photos

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    The new target for cake decorators.. I go here once a week now for my supplies and I cant get enough of it. They have everything you need and at a very reasonable price.

  • image-Serhat P.
    Serhat P.

    San Diego, CA, 3 friends, 15 reviews, 0 photos

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    Great store for baking supplies. Cake decorating supplies, bunch of baking related accessories, edible decoration items and much more. This is relatively a new location of BakersBodega, but customer service already great.
    I recommend this store to anyone that loves cooking in general and baking specifically.

  • image-Rosalva G.
    Rosalva G.

    Baldwin Park, CA, 35 friends, 3 reviews, 0 Photos

    1 check-in

    My favorite store for baking supplies great staff great instructor!!!what else can I ask for.

  • image-Citlalli Gutierrez Huante
    Citlalli Gutierrez Huante

    Pomona, California, 321 friends, 266,712 reviews, 510 photos

    1 check-in

    Live it! As of now 3 classes down in 1 week…. love all their employees. Great Costumer Service! Mrs. Yvonne such a great person and always willing to help….Thank you all…..

  • image-Pooky Hu
    Pooky Hu

    0 friends, 0 reviews, 0 photos

    1 check-in

    I totally LOVE this place, awesome classes, super friendly people, amazing products

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