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50Express® Tylose Powder 3.5oz

Have you ever noticed the beautiful fondant flowers/ figurines you've spent hours creating start to sink in on themselves before you've even put them on your treats? Don't fret, our 50Express Tylose Powder is the perfect solution. Our 50Express Tylose Powder is a great hardening agent for fondant and a little goes a long way.

For every 1lb of fondant, add 1 tsp of dry 50Express Tylose Powder. Knead fondant and powder together until Tylose Powder is fully incorporated and wait 30 minutes before creating your flowers/figurines.

Need to adhere your fondant flowers/figurines to your treats and ran out of edible glue? No worries, our 50Express Tylose Powder can be made into an edible glue.

Glue Recipe:
1/2 cup of luke warm water and 2 tsp of 50Express Tylose Powder. Mix until powder has fully dissolved.

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