The Pastry Pride Non-Dairy Ready-to-Whip Topping is perfect for enhancing the taste of beverages, waffles, or ice cream. Made with quality ingredients, this topping can be used to decorate desserts as desired.

Ready-to-Whip Topping

    • Ready-to-whip topping
    • Shake well before use
    • 0 g trans fat
    • 0 mg cholesterol
    • 25 calories per serving
    • Dairy free
    • Kosher Dairy certified
    • Frozen shelf life: 365 days
    • Keep frozen for later use
    • 2 lb. (0.91 kg) each
    • 12 packs per case

Liquid whip topping, packed in quarts. Use as garnish for desserts and shakes.


Preparation Instructions:

Perishable - keep refrigerated

1. Keep product frozen.

2. Thaw under refrigeracion for approximately 24 hours.

3. Shake well before pouring into chilled bowl.

4. Fill bowl 1/4 full and whip using wire whisk.

5. For best results, whip at 38°f - 45°f until medium peaks are formed.

6. Do not refreeze liquid. 


Notes: Whip times will vary greatly depending on temperature and mixer. Smaller mixers will whip quicker than larger mixers. Do not underwhip pastry pride. Do not fill mixing bowl above 1/4 the wire whip, as product has a 4:1 overrun and will exceed bowl capacity. Once thawed, pastry pride keeps fresh 3 weeks in refrigerator. Product can be frozen after whipped. Blends well with real whipping cream. Great for topping your favorite desserts. 


Try other fine Pride products: Frostin Pride Icing in Vanilla and Chocolate, Toppin' Pride Concentrated Topping (just add water).



Frozen: 365 days

Refrigerated: 21 days

Ambient: 0 days

SKU: 45004-1
Pastry Pride Quart

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