Merckens Chocolate Melts 25LB

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Color: Super White - 25LB
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Merckens Chocolate Melts 25LB

Merckens is one of the leading chocolate retailers in North America, known for its superior quality!

Milk Cocoa Lite and Dark Cocoa available in 50LB.

Smooth, creamy chocolate - NOT the typical craft store wax based candy melt. Can be used for cake pops, candy molds, dipping strawberries(any fruits or other snacks), and so much more!
*When using the Merckens dark, milk, or colored chocolates in silicone molds, you may notice a white film, or white spots in the top layer, DO NOT PANIC. This does not mean the chocolate is old, it is simply a matter of the silicone mold being a different temperature than the chocolate and is an easy fix. To prevent this from happening pop your silicone in the microwave or heat up with a hair dryer for a quick 8-12 seconds before pouring in your chocolate. 

Summer/Warm Weather Advisory

This item does not ship well during the warm weather and may melt during transit. This item is shipped at the customer’s risk.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause for the uncontrollable warm weather we will receive. If you do receive chocolate that has melted, they will still work just fine. Just melt the chocolate as you normally would when you are ready to use. Due to California State and Los Angeles County health code: NO returns are allowed on food/edible products. 

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