Guittard Milk Chocolate- 1LB

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Guittard Milk Chocolate- 1LB

Guittard Chocolate A'peels are wafer-shaped pieces in a convenient, easy-to-melt size, a nice super white and flavored. No tempering is required. They have the same characteristics as Pastel Coatings with the added feature of rich vanilla flavor. They are great for dipping, molding, decorating or for use as fondue dip. Non-GMO. No Synthetic colors or hydrogenated oils.

Summer/Warm Weather Advisory

This item does not ship well during the warm weather. We do ship this item in cool shield packaging with an ice pack. There still may be of melting during transit depending on the travel destination and time of transit. This item is shipped at the customer’s risk.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause for the uncontrollable warm weather we will receive. If you do receive chocolate that has melted, they will still work just fine. Just melt the chocolate as you normally would when you are ready to use. Due to California State and Los Angeles County health code: NO returns are allowed on food/edible products. 

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